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Summer Fields Oxford

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Mayfield - Year 8

At a glance

Year group in Lodge: Year 8

Lodgeparents: Pete and Lindsay Dickinson

Assistant Lodgeparent: Richard Bradwell

Gapper Matron: Indiana Mayes


Mayfield houses some Year 7 boys and about half of the senior boarders (the other half being in Cottage).  It is said to be one of the oldest houses in Summertown.

It now provides seven dormitories of various sizes, plentiful bath and shower facilities and a common room for relaxing during the evening. Mayfield’s facilities will be upgraded over the next two to three years starting in the summer of 2023.

Montage of images showing young boy with card pyramid, boys playing games on the floor in their bedroom, young boy with hollowed our pumpkin, four boys practicing  their putting in a corridor, boys outside playing cricket in their pyjamas, young boys and man playing connect four, group of young boys standing outside holding food on plates

In the summer months, Mayfield boarders benefit from use of the nearby grass tennis court (dressing gown tennis and pyjama football are town of our most popular and eye-catching activities).

Four boys playing football in their pyjamas

Lodgeparents Pete and Lindsay Dickinson have lived in Botswana and South Africa and moved to the UK teaching at several other local schools. Peter was previously Deputy Head at Christ Church Cathedral School and Director of Sport at Ryde, whilst Lindsay previously taught at Chandlings. They have two grown up children who were boarders, so understand what it is like for parents. Their daughter is now following in their footsteps pursuing a career in education.