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Summer Fields Oxford

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Giving Societies

We invite you to join one or more of our giving societies.  These societies play an important and vital role in providing a significant stream of income.

1864 Society

Named after the year we were founded by Gertrude Maclaren, the 1864 Society recognises regular donors who are making a donation of £1,864 a year towards our sister charity and bursary endowment fund, The Maclaren Foundation.

By pledging regular monthly donations, 1864 Society members provide Summer Fields with a regular income which enables the school to plan effectively for the future.


To join the 1864 Society  

We request a minimum donation per month of £155.35 for twelve months.  If you wish to give more per month, you can do this by indicating the amount in the box marked 'other' on the 1864 Donation Form. 

We are keen to recognise 1864 Society members by including them in our annual Donor Report (unless anonymity is requested), inviting members to events at Summer Fields as well as receiving a special lapel pin in the form of the Summer Fields Crest.

To join the 1864 Society please contact the Development Director, Daphne O'Connell +44 (0)1865 459214.


The Peg Society

At Summer Fields every new boy is given a school number when he joins which he keeps for the duration of his time here.

It is a Summer Fields tradition for this number to be retained by the family and handed down through generations from father to son, or  from brother to brother. This can, in some cases, mean that several family generations remain associated with one number.

Established in 2012, the Peg Society acknowledges this legacy and that sense of pride and belonging in a lasting way, As a member, your name or that of your son will be engraved on a plaque next to your school number remaining in perpetuity in the dedicated Peg Corridor.

Every year we welcome new members. If you have not already joined the Peg Society and would like to, please contact the Development Office. 

Members of the Peg Society have their name and attendance dates, or that of their son(s) or nominee(s), engraved on a plaque next to their school number on their school lockers in the dedicated peg corridor where it will remain in perpetuity.  To date there are 386 members with new members joining all the time.

To join the Peg Society contact Daphne O'Connell, Development Director +44 (0)1865 459214.