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Destination Schools

While we are extremely proud of our many outstanding academic successes, this is not our sole focus. The majority of boys are accepted into their senior school having taken Common Entrance, and for many their academic ability is but one of several strings to their bow.  Contrary to popular belief, we do not aim to feed any particular school.

Our mission is to match every boy with the school which will suit him best in the future. To do so requires a close understanding of the strengths and interests of every boy, together with a clear understanding of the schools available. The process starts several years before your boy reaches 13.  We will start by talking to you about your aspirations for him, and will let you know which school we think will suit him best.  Academic ability is but one of several factors which will affect the final choice of school.

Once this is decided, we will ensure that your son is properly prepared for any assessments and tests he is required to sit.  While Common Entrance at 13 is the standard entrance exam, the majority of schools carry out some sort of pre-testing a year or two in advance of that.  We ensure that your son is given practice in the reasoning tests which usually feature in these assessments, as well as several practice interviews. 

"[The Head] ‘makes a big effort to recognize what will suit each family’, giving ‘very direct feedback’ on the options. ‘It’s reassuring, especially if you don’t know the system.’ ‘Mine actually enjoyed the ISEB process,’ says one disbelieving mum."

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