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Summer Fields Oxford

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Term Dates

Summer 2023 (please note the change to previously published dates for the first Short Leave as a result of the national Bank Holiday for the coronation)

Term begins Wednesday 19 April
1st Short Leave Friday 5 May - Monday 8 May (including the Bank Holiday) 
Long Leave Friday 26 May - Sunday 4 June
2nd Short Leave Thursday 22 June (following Sports Day) - Sunday 25 June
Term ends Wednesday 5 July

Michaelmas 2023 (times for arrival of boys at the start of term to be confirmed)

Term begins

Wednesday 6 September (for current boarding Prep pupils) - times to be confirmed

   Established boarders in Year 8 arrive in lodge from 3.45pm and before 4.45pm

   Established boarders in Year 7 arrive in lodge from 4.15pm and before 5.15pm

   Established boarders in Year 6 arrive in lodge from 4.45pm and before 5.45pm

   Established boarders in Year 5 arrive in lodge from 5.15pm and before 6.15pm

Thursday 7 September (for Pre-prep, current Prep day and all new Prep pupils) - times to be confirmed

   Established prep day boys (Years 5-8) arrive from 7.45am (arrive by 8.00am)

   Pre-prep boys in Years 1-3 arrive from 8.15am

   Pre-prep boys in Reception arrive from 8.45am

   All boys new to the prep school in Years 4-8 arrive from 9.25am and before 9.55am

1st Short Leave Friday 22 September - Sunday 24 September                              
Long Leave

Wednesday 18 October - Sunday 29 October    

2nd Short Leave Friday 17 November - Sunday 19 November
3rd Short Leave Friday 1 December - Sunday 3 December
Term ends Wednesday 13 December

Lent 2024 (provisional) 

Term begins

Wednesday 10 January                                                                 

1st Short Leave Friday 26 January - Sunday 28 January
Long Leave Friday 9 February - Sunday 18 February
2nd Short Leave Friday 8 March - Sunday 10 March
Term ends Wednesday 20 March

Summer 2024 (provisional) 

Term begins Wednesday 17 April
1st Short Leave Friday 3 May - Monday 6 May (including the Bank Holiday) 
Long Leave Friday 24 May - Sunday 2 June
2nd Short Leave Thursday 20 June (following Sports Day) - Sunday 23 June
Term ends Wednesday 3 July