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Summer Fields Oxford

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Summer Fields: Top 100 in Spear's Private School Index

We are delighted to announce that Summer Fields has been included in the top 100 leading private schools in the world by Spear's School Index.

The index has been drawn up by Spear’s, their expert partners at Thuso and a panel of independent educationalists from around the world.

The Spear’s Schools Index is now entering its fifth year. Since its launch in 2020 and has garnered growing recognition in a range of national and international media, and an established reputation as a definitive index of the world’s 100 leading private schools.

The index was conceived as a key resource for international families and advisors to (U)HNW individuals and family offices, for those supporting relocation to major international cities, and for researchers and journalists seeking insight into the world’s leading schools. 

In light of this, Spear’s has worked closely with the expert team at Thuso to refine the methodology underpinning the index, and to convene an expert panel of leading international educationalists to contribute their knowledge and insight to the research and selection process.

In addition to the overarching principles, the panel sought to ensure: that a range of ‘international’ and ‘local’ families were catered to; that a range of geographies, demographics, and preferences were catered to (boys’ schools, girls’ schools, a range of curricula offerings, and schools catering to learners across all age ranges); that emerging markets maintained due prominence within the listing; and (most significantly) that ‘common sense’ prevailed in finalising the list, avoiding any ‘perverse’ outcomes (i.e. no schools which should clearly be included were to be omitted, and no schools included which were not among the leading institutions internationally).

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