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Summer Fields Oxford

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Meet the Staff

    Iliane Ogilvie Thompson, BA, PG Dip


    Iliane invests in and mentors a number of early-stage women-led businesses, with a focus on sustainability and eCommerce and she is a regular panellist on development and sustainability.

    Iliane chairs the Advisory Board of Been, an early stage business making products entirely from materials that would otherwise end up in landfill. She started her career at Procter & Gamble in brand management and was a Strategy consultant at Accenture before joining Yahoo! in Europe. She initially ran Marketing for the UK and then became eCommerce Business Development Director for Yahoo!Europe. Iliane was Business Development Director for the Diageo Venture group and later ran Strategic Alliances for the global business.

    Iliane chairs the Advisory Board of the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford and sits on the Pitt Rivers Board of Visitors.

    Iliane is a trustee of the David Lynch Foundation and is on the Advisory Board of the Lemon Tree Trust and the artisan non profit organisation Nest.

    Iliane spent six years as a trustee of the International Rescue Committee Europe and she was a trustee of FilmAid International for nine years, setting up and chairing the UK board in that time and also helping to establish FilmAid Asia.

    Iliane completed her undergraduate and post-graduate studies at Cape Town University. She speaks five languages. She is based near Oxford and has two boys, one has just left Summer Fields and her youngest is currently in Year 5.