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Summer Fields Oxford

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Pastoral Care

As in the Prep school, the utmost care and attention is paid to the well-being and happiness of each individual boy. Small class sizes and good adult to child ratios ensure that each child is happy and fulfilled, therefore in the best possible place to learn.

Our Pre-Prep motto Healthy Living, Happy Learning echoes this, and children are encouraged to follow the ‘Ten Steps’ in school to fulfil this motto. Through class time, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) sessions, and Pre-Prep assemblies the boys are encouraged to share their feelings, respect others and take time for their own health and well-being, all of which is encompassed in the ‘Ten Steps’.

The Pre-Prep staff encourage children to be risk takers and learn from their mistakes, and we celebrate the child who is prepared to try something new. Our positive behaviour code means that children are encouraged and rewarded through each step of their learning.

Parental Liaison

One of the most important areas of pastoral care is parental liaison, and we place great emphasis on this relationship. It is key that school and parents work together to achieve the best for the child, and we provide plenty of opportunities for parents and teacher to communicate and discuss the boys. There is a formal contact point every half term for parents, whether in person or written where positive yet honest feedback is provided.

We regularly invite parents to attend school events, including assemblies, coffee concerts and activities which include all the Pre-prep children.