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COVID-19 Summer Fields Response

Michaelmas Term 2020 – start of term arrangements

We are greatly looking forward to the start of the Michaelmas term 2020 and to welcoming all boys to Summer Fields. Please note, that to ensure a safe start to the term for all; boys and their households should be strictly adhering to social distancing guidelines and UK government quarantine requirements where applicable. Thank you for your support in this matter.

The return to the prep school for the start of the Michaelmas term has been staggered to facilitate social distancing. Please see below for details outlining the day and time of return for each year group. 

On Wednesday 9 September the Michaelmas term will commence for:

  • Boarders in Year 7 and Year 8:   

                         Year 8 – 3.45pm - 4.45pm

                         Year 7 – 4.45pm - 5.45pm

On Thursday 10 September the Michaelmas term will commence for:

  • Day Boys in Year 7 and Year 8 (see drop off and collection times below).
  • Boarders in Year 5 and Year 6:

                         Year 6 – 3.45pm - 4.45pm

                         Year 5 – 4.45pm - 5.45pm

On Friday 11 September term will commence for:

  • Day Boys in Year 5 and Year 6 (see drop off and collection times below).
  • All boys in Year 4 (day and boarding) between 10.00am and 11.00am. Year 4 Day Boys will revert to the drop off time given below from Saturday 12 September.

Day Boy drop off and collection times in the prep school have also been staggered. Please see below for the times of drop off and collection for each year group.

Prep school drop off and collection times
  Drop off Collection
Year Group                                          All mornings                    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

    Wednesday & Saturday                            

4 7.55 - 8.05am 4.50pm 3.00pm
5 7.50 - 8.00am 5.05pm 3.15pm
6 7.45 - 7.55am 5.20pm 3.30pm
7 8.00 - 8.10am 5.55pm 3.45pm
8 8.05 - 8.15am 6.10pm 4.00pm








Summer Term 2020 - Virtual Summer Fields

The safety and welfare of all our boys and staff is our most important priority and central to all we do. We continue to follow the government guidelines and to do everything to comply with the government’s guidance on managing the risk of COVID-19.

Pupils continue to receive their education remotely from home through our online platform Virtual Summer Fields.  

On 1 June, in line with government guidelines, we re-opened the Pre-Prep to Reception and Year 1 pupils and the Prep School to Year 6 Day Pupils.  The School has taken every necessary measure to ensure that those boys returning to school do so safely. This has included conducting thorough Risk Assessments and putting appropriate measures and policies in place.   We are delighted to say that the boys who have returned in these year groups have thoroughly enjoyed being back in school.

We continue to monitor the situation closely.

We will bring you regular updates as the situation evolves and publish important information related to COVID-19 and Virtual Summer Fields on our website.

All policies related to COVID-19 can be found at the bottom of this page. 



As a member of the Boarding Schools Association (the BSA), Summer Fields has adopted the BSA COVID-SAFE Charter to reassure parents, pupils and staff that we are creating a safe environment in which to live and work.

Please click here to find out more. 




Our Registrar, Christine Berry is contactable and available to answer any questions, and warmly welcomes you to get in touch via email or on her direct line 01865 459204.

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