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Summer Fields Oxford

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Scholarships and Bursaries


Maclaren Scholarships are provided by The Maclaren Foundation and are available to boys with potential whose parents could not otherwise afford the fees. The Foundation is able to offer Scholarships worth up to the full cost of day or boarding fees. These Scholarships are available to a boarder or a day boy starting in Year 6 or Year 7.

The Maclaren Foundation would be able to support a boy at Summer Fields for two or three years. With the increase of bursaries and scholarships from senior schools, one would hope to secure an award to a senior school to ensure continuity of education.

Applicants for the Maclaren Foundation Scholarship are invited to sit papers in Reasoning, Maths and English. No past papers are available. Parents of applicants will be required to complete a financial statement which will be sent out with details of the Scholarship.


There are a number of Music Scholarships available to musicians of outstanding ability or genuine musical potential. In recent years, funds have been divided between two or three candidates to provide free music tuition for up to two instruments.

Applicants will be assessed by the Director of Music in two musical instruments, or singing and one instrument. In certain circumstances, candidates of exceptional ability in one discipline will be eligible to take the scholarship. Candidates will be asked to sit the normal academic entry assessment.

In both cases, please get in touch with our Registrar, Mrs Christine Berry, if you would like to apply.